Developer Marketing and Relations: The Essential Guide (3rd edition)

Written by leading developer marketing practitioners in some of today’s largest technology companies, this book collects insights from a generation of thought leaders within the tech industry, who share them with everyone working, or planning to work in the industry.

Manning publications discount

Manning is an independent publisher of computer books for software developers, engineers, architects, system administrators, managers and all who are professionally involved with the computer business. The books we publish cover a huge range of topics that the modern developer needs; from languages and frameworks, to best practices for team leaders.

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Developer Economics - The Gender Gap in programming (infographic)

Only 1 in 10 programmers is a woman today. To understand better possible reasons behind the gender gap, we turned to the data from our own Developer Economics survey 18th edition, which  reached more than 17,000 developers in 159 countries. The data suggests that female developers are less numerous, younger and less experienced than their male counterparts. Men and women are not equally drawn to the different development sectors, backend being a key example.

Developer Population Calculator

There are  20.4 million  developers around the world

Want to know more about where they live or what programming language they use?

Unlock answers to your questions using the Developer Population Calculator. Use the filters to find the combination that works best for you.

API strategy for Open Banking by Nordic APIS

Within API Strategy for Open Banking, Nordic APIs present a holistic API perspective on open banking. The book covers PSD2, open banking benefits, developer experience tips, frameworks for high-grade security and access management, and more.It also exposes the reader  to best practices and case studies from some of the world’s largest open banking initiatives.

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The essential DevRel

data pack

The latest trends of the developer ecosystem, from surveying 40,000+ developers from all around the world.

Developer Economics - What did developers do during COVID-19 outbreak? (infographic)

Ever since the Covid-19 outbreak took on global pandemic proportions, a lot has changed about how developers work, communicate, and stay sane, above all. To understand what’s happening, we ran a small poll in May 2020 asking the members of our developer community to describe their day-to-day during quarantine. How did the new social distancing rules affect their work, education, entertainment, and lifestyle choices? This mini-survey was intended to be fun and entertaining first and foremost. 138 developers from our community took part. As a result we created an infographic.

State of the Developer Nation - 19th edition 

The 19th Developer Economics global survey wave ran from June to August 2020 and reached more than 17,000 developers in 159 countries. Hot off the press “State of the Developer Nation” report presents developer trends for Q3 2020 and beyond with a focus on six major topics:

  • Developers’ extra needs due to COVID-19

  • Programming language communities – an update

  • Why do developers adopt or reject cloud technologies?

  • Who is into DevOps?

  • What do developers value in open source?

  • Emerging technologies


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