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Why traditional content marketing doesn’t work for technical audiences. And what you can do

about it?

Developers are a tough crowd. A typical B2B marketing team will quickly find that traditional marketing techniques will fail when applied to a technical audience.

How many developers are there in the world?

There are 21.3 million developers around the world. Want to know more about where they live or what programming language they use?
Unlock answers to your questions using the Developer Population Calculator. Use the filters to find the combination that works best for you.

30% off the Developer Marketing and Relations: The Essential Guide (3rd edition)

Use code FDS21_TY and grab a copy of Developer Marketing and Relations : The Essential Guide 30% off. Written by leading developer marketing practitioners in some of today’s largest technology companies, this book collects insights from a generation of thought leaders within the tech industry, who share them with everyone working, or planning to work in the industry.

60-day free access to Weavr, The Community Success Platform

Use 'FutureDev' as your referral code in the Request Invite form and get a free access. Limited to 10 FREE subscriptions. 

Access free industry insights from our developer research

DevRelX Trends page is revamped with new data & design! We now offer new graphs, which means fresh help for your decision making. Discover our new theme and download the graphs you want to use at your presentations.

Developer Economics - 

AR/VR creator ecosystem map

Which are the languages, technologies, engines and software tools used by AR and VR creators? Find them all in one place.

What makes a developer program successful? Is it its regional strategy?

Have your say on the Developer Program Leaders Survey and access insights on which aspects of a developer program stand out - supported by real industry data.

Under The Hood of Developer Marketing Podcast

Tech Industry pioneers from the world’s leading companies, share insights on developer marketing success. Under the Hood of Developer Marketing Podcast is the podcast devoted to Developer Marketing and Relations.


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